Hi, I’m Tracy!

I am a trauma-informed Change & Transformation coach.

Tracy Barbour, coach and writer laughing on the streets of New York City.

I wasn’t always the coach you see here today. Just like you, I found myself alone in the desert with no light for my mind, no water for my soul, and no nourishment for my heart. I was just a tiny little succulent, struggling to barely survive. Just like a succulent, I had to dig deep inside my roots to my gut, to the part where all the nourishment I needed was stored. It was there inside me the whole time, able to be resilient in the darkest and driest of climates.

You have this inside of you too! I am here to help you uncover it. I can’t wait to help you discover everything inside you desire and need to make the transition from surviving to thriving!

meet your coach

I was addicted to chaos, co-dependent, burnt out, and surviving. Learn how I untethered myself from the toxic, cultivated joy in my life, found purpose, and began thriving.


Through holistic practices, creative tools, and goal setting, I help you reconnect with self, gain clarity, uncover your strengths, discover your own resiliency, and feel empowered.


Photo of Sally Westfall, client of Tracy Barbour aka tracybnyc a NYC based life and career coach.
I love Tracy so much! She is incredibly professional and helped me in my life and career. Because of her, I have been able to get honest with myself and to speak about the fears that have been holding me back. I felt safe and comfortable. Tracy created an environment for me where I could be vulnerable and go to those places that I have been avoiding.
— Sally W. | Stylist & Makeup Artist
Photo of Rodney Salvadore, client of Tracy Barbour aka tracybnyc a NYC based life and career coach.
At first I didn’t subscribe to the idea of life coaching. Then I worked with Tracy and she changed my mind. She was able to show me the hurdles in my life. Some were self-made and some were projections from other people that I had internalized. Once the mental blocks were identified, Tracy helped me to realize the extra weight I was carrying wasn’t my burden to live with. So, I let go and stopped getting in the way of my own success.
— Rodney S. | Textile Artist
Photo of Drew Brown, client of Tracy Barbour aka tracybnyc a NYC based life and career coach.
Tracy’s incredible. Personable and kind, but very effective and to the point. I was stressed, tired, and angry all the time. Tracy cleared the fog of anxiety and uncertainty that was holding me back in my career and gave me a newly found sense of direction, clarity, and strength. I now work for a Fortune 200 company and a promotion is already in sight.
— Drew B. | Project Coordinator & Writer
Tracy is amazing. Tracy is dedicated and has the knowledge and experience to help you through any type of transition. Whether it be a career transition, life event, or an abusive relationship she guides you with respect and kindness. She is not a coach that throws cliche type advice at you. She works with you so that you can discover what is deep inside yourself and guides you to uncover it and let it control your life. I am very glad I know Tracy and looking forward to more years working with her.
— Jason B. | Photographer & Business Analyst
I met Tracy on social media. I was immediately drawn to her because of her honesty. I have needed to connect with someone like her for years. She is willing to use her own experiences along with her education. She truly understands what is needed to guide someone to their next steps or path. I highly recommend Tracy. If you’re wanting to make a large or even the smallest of changes in your life, Tracy is a skilled and understanding life coach. Thank you Tracy!
— Michelle Z. | Merchandising Consultant & Business Owner

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