Hi, I’m Tracy Barbour!

I am a trauma-informed, meditating Change & Transformation coach.

Tracy Barbour, coach and writer laughing on the streets of New York City.

I wasn’t always the coach you see here today. Just like you, I found myself alone in the desert with no light for my mind, no water for my soul, and no nourishment for my heart. I was just a tiny little succulent, struggling to barely survive. Just like a succulent, I had to dig deep inside my roots to my gut, to the part where all the nourishment I needed was stored. This nourishment was in the form of self-care, self-love, self-worth, and self-efficacy. It was there inside me the whole time, able to be resilient in the darkest and driest of climates.

You have this inside of you too! I am here to help you uncover it. I can’t wait to help you discover everything inside you desire and need to make the transition from surviving to thriving!

meet your coach

I was addicted to chaos, co-dependent, burnt out, and surviving. Learn how I untethered myself from the toxic and began thriving.

Work With me

Through holistic practices, creative tools, and goal setting, I help you reconnect with self, gain clarity, and build a life filled with joy.


Photo of Rodney Salvadore, client of Tracy Barbour aka tracybnyc a NYC based life and career coach.
At first I didn’t subscribe to the idea of life coaching. Then I worked with Tracy and she changed my mind. She was able to show me the hurdles in my life. Some were self-made and some were projections from other people that I had internalized. Once the mental blocks were identified, Tracy helped me to realize the extra weight I was carrying wasn’t my burden to live with. So, I let go and stopped getting in the way of my own success.
— Rodney Salvadore | Textile Artist
Photo of Drew Brown, client of Tracy Barbour aka tracybnyc a NYC based life and career coach.
Tracy’s incredible. Personable and kind, but very effective and to the point. I was stressed, tired, and angry all the time. Tracy cleared the fog of anxiety and uncertainty that was holding me back in my career and gave me a newly found sense of direction, clarity, and strength. I now work for a Fortune 200 company and a promotion is already in sight.
— Drew Brown | Project Coordinator
Photo of Sally Westfall, client of Tracy Barbour aka tracybnyc a NYC based life and career coach.
I love Tracy so much! She is incredibly professional and helped me in my life and career. Because of her, I have been able to get honest with myself and to speak about the fears that have been holding me back. I felt safe and comfortable. Tracy created an environment for me where I could be vulnerable and go to those places that I have been avoiding.
— Sally Westfall | Stylist & Makeup Artist